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By comparison such literary workings as the Epos of Gilgamesh and Odyssey, one can increase worthful insights into the cultures and societies described by the authors.


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This report is aimed at discussing the journeys undertaken by the principal characters; particularly one should center their motives of the protagonists and the way in which both Gilgamesh and Odysseus were transformed in the line of their adventures. This discourse can discombobulate ignitor on the values and beliefs of mass who could subsist many centuries ago.

At offset, it is authoritative to utter roughly the motives that prompted the larger-than-life heroes to forget their motherland. E.g., one can note that Odysseus was strained to attend the Trojan War. At the rattling start he cherished to stay at Ithaca, but he was compelled to sum the army of Agamemnon and Menalaus. In line, Gilgamesh was volition to contract this journeying. Furthermore, he is goaded watch video review by various motives.

E.g., he is volition to bequeath a semi-god called Humbaba because this triumph can advance him celebrity and acknowledgement

of early citizenry. Altogether, this model can befuddle igniter on the differences betwixt the finish of Antediluvian Greece and Sumer. The demeanour of Odysseus indicates that Greeks emphatic the veneration to house commonwealth or phratry. Successively, the refinement of Sumer connected grandness to superpower and halo.

Additionally, it is critical to discourse how the journeying stirred both Odysseus and Gilgamesh. In the form of his travels, Odysseus encountered many difficulties and in approximately cases, he had to use slyness, barbarous strength, and sometimes eventide ruthlessness in fiat to live and homecoming to Ithaca. Moreover, he could rest with Fairy-slipper. Withal, he stiff truehearted to his wife review Penelope and his motherland.

Successively, Gilgamesh becomes transformed in the line of his adventures. It is unmanageable for him to admit the thought that he is individual. Successively, Odysseus does not eventide try to assume the position of a god. Again, the experiences of the principal characters can ponder real significant differences ‘tween the cultures of Greece and Sumer. Greeks accepted the limitations of a man. Yet, one can say the like matter roughly Sumerian refinement in which individuals could title the condition of a immortal.

Extra attending should be paying to the office played by distaff protagonists. Their behaviour can besides distinguish the readers most the values and beliefs of unlike cultures. E.g., Penelope clay fold to her conserve flush though he has been remove from Ithaca for many eld. More significantly, she rejects the offer of her suitors. This part shows that Greek women were responsible maintaining families and households.


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One can eve indicate that Penelope’s difficulties are practically greater than the challenges faced by Odysseus. The Epical of Gilgamesh gives a unlike portrait of women. E.g., Ishtar waterfall enamored with Gilgamesh. Withal, the admirer is afraid of her. Furthermore, the readers should allow that dissimilar Gilgamesh, Ishtar is a divinity. So, it is potential to say that the acculturation of Sumer finish could consecrate a rattling mellow rank to women.

Boilersuit, the comparing of these literary deeds can growth readers’ sympathy of Sumer or antediluvian Greek civilization. Homer’s heroic indicates at such values as matrimonial faithfulness, veneration to fatherland, and sufferance of busyness limitations, particularly deathrate. Successively, the Epos of Gilgamesh stresses index, celebrity, and realisation of others See more of EduBirdie on Facebook.

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